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ARCA ADRIATICA: Protection, promotion and touristic valorization of Adriatic maritime heritage #

The project ARCA ADRIATICA “Protection, promotion and tourism valorization of the Adriatic maritime heritage” is part of the third priority axis “Environment and cultural heritage” of the INTERREG Italy-Croatia program. 

The main aim of the project was the development of a common tourism product, based on the principles of social and ecological sustainability which, at the same time, valorizes, preserves, protects, and promotes the rich maritime heritage of the border area. Within the area of the included partners, the project will maximally protect the existing material and intangible maritime heritage and systematically exploit it through a series of measures, in order to develop and revive a unique and recognizable common tourism product.

Problem addressed #

The coastal realities of Italy and Croatia preserve authentic material (ports, places, objects) and intangible (traditions, crafts) “treasures” which, properly organized, can contribute to create a proposal of unique experiences destined to intercept quality tourism.

Objectives & implementation #

The Municipalities, Regions, Pubic Institutions of Italy and Croatia with common forces protecting history and stories, objects, traditions linked to the sea participate in the project, transforming them into authentic quality touristic treasures. 

The maritime heritage valorized and protected through project includes various natural and cultural resources, from ports, virtual museums, interpretation centers, traditional boats and tourist events.

Stakeholders #

The main beneficiaries of the project are General public, but also Local, regional, and national public authorities, Public service providers, Regional and local development agencies, enterprises, NGO’s, Education and training organizations as well as universities and research institutes.

Timescale #

Project duration: January 1st, 2019 – December 31st, 2021

Fields of application #

The goal of ARCA ADRIATICA was to develop a common tourism product, based on the principles of social and ecological sustainability, which enhances, protect and promotes the maritime heritage of the border area. The heritage is composed of resources of different nature and cultural reality: from ports to museums, physical and virtual, from vintage boast to popular festivals. 

Transferability #

The ARCA ADRIATICA model can easily be replicated anywhere in order to protect heritage on sustainable way including modern technologies and keeping up with the times.

Impact & Results #

As a key result of the implementation of the project, greater visibility of the involved destinations is expected, an increase in the accessibility of maritime heritage to all groups of society (virtual museum, open-air museums, interpretation centers), an increase in the number of visitors in the border area, an increase in the number of permanently protected artifacts of maritime intangible and material heritage (through interpretation centers, virtual museum, maritime heritage base, technical characteristics of vessels), increase of tourism infrastructure based on maritime heritage, increase in the number of educated children and visitors about maritime trades and skills and recognition of the entire coastal border area as one tourist destination (through an intensive joint promotional campaign).

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