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INVESTINFISH - Boosting INVESTments in INnovation of SMEs along the entire FISHery and aquaculture value chain #

Fisheries & Aquaculture (F&A) sector is characterized by micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) generally facing difficulties in accessing to innovation due to their dimension combined with high entry costs for research & development (R&D).

To meet the challenges, it is necessary that F&A firms exploit their products potential, innovate value & quality of territorial F&A tradition by transforming the classic “do everything alone” into innovative multi-open partnership approach applied with tailored and innovation & demand-led support.

“INVESTINFISH” project`s main objective is strengthening of competitiveness of F&A production system, through promotion of investment programs aimed at acquisition of innovation services.

Problem addressed #

By improving interaction processes and framework conditions among key players of F&A sector the project proposal also affected two other major challenges in those fields:

  • Increase in quality of sea products and by-products by stimulating investments in marine biotechnology that can open up new opportunities for innovative foods areas, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries and of bio-economy in general;
  • Improve quality of sea water, by stimulating investments for more sustainable production and management processes of fishery and aquaculture sector, which can have a positive impact on sustainable management of coastal and marine areas.

Objectives & implementation #

The main objective of the project is to generate links and dynamics that facilitate learning between the different agents, professionals and researchers who work in the marine environment, establishing new collaborative synergies, exchanging information and knowledge for better management of marine resources and environments.

Stakeholders #

From the field of Industry, policy makers, innovation facilitators and HUBs, wide public, research centers, regional authorities

Timescale #

01/01/2019 – 31/12/2021

Fields of application #

The main field of application for this project is aimed at industry, policy makers, innovation facilitators and HUBs, wide public, research centers, regional authorities.

Transferability #

The important aspect, to be transferred to other F&A enterprises of IT-HR territories, was related to the methodology for nurturing the Innovation in F&A sector through the:

  • cross fertilization set up by the INVESTINFISH Partnership. In particular, the roadmap to innovation instruments and services for F&A SMEs containing the pilots;
  • assessment of the Label for Inn voucher scheme within the F&A SMEs and the study for a cross-border platform for the combined use of ESIF and EFSI funds. 

They can be exploited in other Programme areas, but also at EU level.

Impact & Results #

Results of the project are the reduction of the environmental impact for the intensive fish growing; – promoting new value-chains by adopting a multi-actor’s approach. 

Main results are: 

Increase of Innovation potential of 48 F&A enterprises of 5 IT-HR Regions, thanks to the application of new technologies and adoption of a new model of innovation management – Innovative solutions with particular focus on sustainability (in some cases) will be adopted by the SMEs (tested by 48 enterprises of F&A in the IT-HR area; – Contribution to the S3 of the 5 regions involved with specific focus to the mechanism of combined use of ESIF and EFSI funds; – Improved mechanisms on access to financing for KETs implementation – Introduction and capacity building action of novel label for INNOVATION Voucher scheme in the regional innovation facilitators for transferring specific knowledge and competences on the financing streams for SMEs.

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