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Lillero, il vero mercato del baratto

Lillero, il vero mercato del baratto #

Barter market where people can indirectly exchange used objects and clothes by using a fake currency called “Lilleri”.


Problem addressed #

Lillero tries to solve the problem of consumerism and waste by proposing a fun and convenient way to reuse objects.

Objectives & implementation #

Lillero facilitates the exchange of objects between people since it provides a space where objects can be gathered, rearranged into products categories (clothes, books, utensils, etc) and exhibited to other people,  as traditional shops do. Lillero reaches its objectives thanks to the work of volunteers, who allow the shop to stay open once a week (on wednesday during summer season, on saturday for the rest of the year).

Stakeholders #

The main stakeholders and beneficiaries is the local people, expecially three categories:

  • who is sensitive to the waste problem and wants to reduce its impacts on the planet,
  • who wants or needs to save money
  • who is searching for a place of conviviality.

Timescale #

Start: 2014 – Present

Fields of application #

Social economy, green economy

Transferability #

Lillero is a replicable project, since it is unrelated to the place where it is carried out.

Impact & Results #

Lillero considerabily  reduces the waste in the area where it  operates and provides a place where people can meet and enjoy free entertainment (expecially during summer).

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