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Puccini Floating Music Academy

Puccini Floating Music Academy #

The Puccini Floating Music Academy project, conceived by NAVIGO, Adharia (in synergy with the Municipality of Viareggio, the San Rossore Natural Park and the Simonetta Puccini Foundations and Puccini Festival) is a versatile on-water recording studio, adaptable to the needs of each producer / composer or sound requirement through an innovative system of personalized studio interiors and diverse locations.

Problem addressed #

The locality of Torre del Lago Puccini is inserted in a natural and landscape context of considerable interest, it is part of the Natural Reserve of Lake Massaciuccoli and is famous throughout the world as one of the places that most inspired the composer Giacomo Puccini.

As part of the general redevelopment project of the area, which includes the small tourist port, the Puccini theatre and tourist enhancement, Navigo has conceived a project capable of combining three concepts: naturalistic protection, historical and artistic enhancement and economic development.

Objectives & implementation #

To obtain results consistent with the objectives, Navigo has identified, in collaboration with the Municipality of Viareggio, partners capable of developing a highly attractive project. a “luxury floating suite” with sustainable and recyclable materials was designed and built with the partner Adharia, musical groups and modern composers were involved, again in partnership with the Puccini Foundation.

The result to date is represented by:

  • The Puccini Floating Music Academy can offer a fully-fledged, open space studio where the artist or project can record, compose or perform live in an environment of the deepest inspiration and creativity. 
  • The studio can be moved in search of the most stimulating and evocative points on the lake of Massaciuccoli. 
  • The different locations meet all possible criteria of space, sound and ambience from the typical wooden stilt houses of the fishermen, to the wild swamps and islands (available for the most extreme inspiration) to the Gran Teatro Puccini, where an entire orchestra can be recorded.

Stakeholders #

Music lovers and producers, music startups, elite tourists.

Timescale #

From 01/09/2021 – 2024

Fields of application #

Lakes, lagoon waters to be redeveloped. The main target are music lovers and producers, music startups, elite tourists.

Transferability #

The project can repeat its concept in other locations characterized by a strong musical connotation, inspiring landscapes and the need for tourist enhancement in the context of environmental sustainability.

Impact & Results #

The possibility of creating a new concept of experiential tourism capable of combining art, sustainability and hospitality

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