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Help us design the project Manifesto and Action Plan and create the rural Bauhaus laboratories for the social economy by contributing to the collection of best practices!


The New European Bauhaus initiative emphasizes collaboration between different disciplines and backgrounds to address complex challenges. This is especially relevant for rural areas in Europe.

The eLabHauSE.rur project exemplifies this approach. It brought together stakeholders from various fields and countries to co-design Local Action Plans and a Common Roadmap for a more sustainable, beautiful, and inclusive future for rural Europe.

The project involved:

  • Sharing best practices: Identifying successful initiatives across Europe in green, blue, and social economy sectors.
  • Developing Local Action Plans: Collaboratively creating plans for four regions (Galicia (ES), Tuscany (IT), Zadar (CRO), Meath (IE)) using the OASIS methodology, which encourages citizen participation.
  • Creating a Common Roadmap: A guide for other rural communities outlining the steps and considerations for building greener, more sustainable, and beautiful communities.

The OASIS methodology, used for local action plans, involves a series of meetings where participants:

  1. Map the needs: Brainstorm solutions for a more sustainable future.
  2. Identify proposed actions: Individually visualize how successful implementation would look.
  3. Present coherent plans: Share a vision for the ideal future.
  4. Allocate timelines and resources: Assign responsibilities and timelines for project execution.
  5. Follow-up: Schedule meetings to track progress.

The Common Roadmap, distilled from this process, provides a framework for other rural communities to follow in their pursuit of a better future through the New European Bauhaus.

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