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Introduction #

The eLabHauSE.rur project emerges as a beacon of hope for rural communities, embodying resilience and collaboration to nurture competitiveness and social entrepreneurship. Inspired by the European New Bauhaus concept, the project envisions rural regions as innovative hubs of sustainable development. Grounded in the belief that active community participation is crucial, the manifesto outlines a vision for vibrant, self-sustaining rural communities that bridge the rural-urban divide.

To realize this vision, the eLabHauSE.rur Project commits to establishing Rural Think Tanks, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, harnessing innovation and creativity, and embracing the EU Bauhaus principles for Social Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas. The initiative prioritizes inclusivity, environmental, economic, and social sustainability, aiming to empower rural residents with the tools for self-development. The project emphasizes resilience-building within rural communities, positioning them to thrive amid changing circumstances.

Vision and goals #

The eLabHauSE.rur project aims to transform rural areas into dynamic hubs of social and economic innovation. Key goals include fostering sustainable development, promoting social inclusion, and revitalizing rural communities through entrepreneurship. Collaboration is central, encouraging diverse disciplines to find innovative solutions. Innovation is crucial, with a commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and active community participation. The project invites individuals, organizations, and institutions to join in creating a brighter future for rural communities through the power of collaboration, innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Principles and values #

The eLabHauSE.rur project is guided by key principles and values:

1. Sustainability: Commitment to harmonizing economic, social, and environmental aspects for a sustainable future.

2. Community Empowerment: Collaborative work with local residents to co-create solutions, recognizing their unique strengths and wisdom.

3. Collaboration: Actively seeking partnerships with various entities to unlock opportunities and address challenges collaboratively.

4. Participatory Approach: Inclusive, transparent, and participatory decision-making processes that consider diverse voices, including marginalized stakeholders.

5. Respect for Local Traditions and Resources: Acknowledging and celebrating the rich cultural heritage and unique resources of each rural region while integrating innovative approaches.

The project aims to bridge the urban-rural gap, leveraging EU Bauhaus principles for Social Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas, and commits to being a catalyst for positive change in rural Europe.

Social economy #

The eLabHauSE.rur Project is driven by the philosophy of social economy, prioritizing social and environmental impact over profit. In rural contexts, social economy is pivotal for addressing challenges and leveraging inherent strengths. The project focuses on:

1. Fostering Social Enterprises: Actively supporting and incubating businesses with social missions to revitalize rural economies.

2. Encouraging Cooperatives: Promoting the formation of cooperatives to strengthen community bonds through shared resources, knowledge, and profits.

3. Championing Fair Trade Practices: Advocating for fair trade initiatives to connect rural producers with global markets that value ethical and sustainable production.

4. Valuing Social and Environmental Impact: Recognizing the significance of initiatives that prioritize social well-being and environmental sustainability, beyond profit.

The eLabHauSE.rur Project is a commitment to rural revitalization through social economy principles, aiming to unlock the innovative potential of rural areas. Through social entrepreneurship, the project seeks to create a model for equitable, sustainable, and inclusive rural development, setting an example for others to follow.

Innovation and design #

Innovation is considered the driving force, guided by the principles of the New Bauhaus concept, integrating creativity, aesthetics, and user-centric design. Collaboration and partnerships are emphasized, seeking to connect rural areas across the EU.

Collaboration and partnerships #

At the core of eLabHauSE.rur lies a dedication to sparking transformative change in rural communities. We envision a future where every corner of rural Europe thrives with innovative solutions, sustainable practices, and empowered entrepreneurs.

Think tanks are the heart and soul of our endeavor. These intellectual powerhouses will serve as hubs of inspiration, collaboration, and ideation. They will bring together experts, visionaries, and community leaders from diverse fields to catalyze change.

We believe that true innovation blossoms at the intersection of diverse disciplines. By encouraging dialogue and collaboration among experts in agriculture, technology, design, finance, and beyond, eLabHauSE.rur will generate holistic solutions for rural revitalization.

Knowledge is our foundation, innovation our path, and creativity our compass. We will continuously strive to expand our understanding of social economy and sustainable rural development. Through research, experimentation, and daring creativity, we will chart new courses and redefine what’s possible.

The eLabHauSE.rur Project is a steadfast commitment to sustainable rural futures. We are dedicated to nurturing eco-friendly practices, empowering local communities, and fostering the responsible use of resources.

We recognize that rural areas and urban centers are not separate entities but interconnected parts of a larger ecosystem. eLabHauSE.rur Project will work to bridge these divides, facilitating the flow of ideas, resources, and opportunities between rural and urban spaces.

Our rural laboratory is a haven for research, experimentation, and perpetual learning. We understand that progress is rooted in knowledge and innovation. Therefore, we pledge to:

  • Conduct rigorous studies to unravel the intricacies of rural development.
  • Pilot groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of possibility.
  • Document our endeavors meticulously, sharing our successes and lessons with the world.
  • Contribute actively to the broader fields of social economy and sustainable rural development.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite all who share our vision to join hands. Together, we will harness the potential of rural Europe, elevate social entrepreneurship, and cultivate a future where every rural area is a thriving hub of innovation, sustainability, and community well-being

Research and experimentation #

The project commits to think tank formation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and education and capacity building. It emphasizes a focus on education, training programs, workshops, mentorship opportunities, and actively contributing to social economy and sustainable rural development.

Impact and outreach #

The project aims to catalyze positive change, measuring and evaluating the impact, sharing best practices, and fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration. Strategies include think tank formation, interdisciplinary collaboration, education and capacity building, and resource mobilization.

Strategies #

The eLabHauSE.rur Project employs strategic approaches, including think tank formation, interdisciplinary collaboration, education and capacity building, and resource mobilization, to drive rural development.

Conclusion #

The eLabHauSE.rur Project envisions thriving rural communities through social innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Its values include inclusivity, sustainability, and collaboration. Objectives focus on think tank establishment, knowledge sharing, social entrepreneur support, sustainable solutions, and policy advocacy. Principles revolve around community-centered, empowerment, innovation, adaptability, and transparency.

The project invites active participation, emphasizing empowerment, fostering social entrepreneurship, cross-disciplinary collaboration, driving innovation, and being part of a think tank. Benefits include empowering rural communities, fostering social entrepreneurship, collaboration, driving innovation, being part of a think tank, enhancing competitiveness, aligning with the EU Bauhaus, and leaving a lasting legacy.

In essence, eLabHauSE.rur is a transformative call to action, seeking collaboration for inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous rural communities, presenting a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to positive change in rural areas.

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